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In the latter situation, the startup has to adopt an experimental and adaptive approach in order to discover, calibrate, and validate its customer segment as well as financial viability of its business model.To date, however, many startups with unvalidated products have focused on developing and executing business and financial plans in the manner of established businesses with validated and profitable business models.Unlike in Waterfall Business Planning, the Disruptor’s Arrow of Time uses a business model as unit of analysis, planning, design, and innovation.

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Consequently, current definitions of a business model ignore fundamental properties and attributes that govern competition, survival, and prosperity of living systems.

In the absence of a direct link to living systems, the large existing body of knowledge on living systems cannot easily be transferred to the domain of planning, designing, evaluating, and managing business models.

The core cause of the high rate of failure of startups is attributed to Waterfall Business Planning which is traditionally used to plan and deliver the products of startups [] regards the Waterfall Model as suitable for established companies that already have a validated and predictable business model: the product is known and used in a financially viable market with established channels and customers.

In the case of a budding startup, the business model is uncalibrated since the final version of the product is largely unknown and the startup does not have an established channel and customer base.

AFSA members receive discounted membership and rates from Zipcar, the world's largest car sharing service.

With over 10,000 cars in over 470 cities and towns and more than 50 airports throughout Austria, Canada, France, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States, you can always find a car, whether it's for a quick trip or a weekend getaway.

According to the Small Business Association of America, 50% of startups die within five years.

Seventy percent of businesses die within ten years from birth.

In short, many startups are using Waterfall Business Planning.

Consequently, many startups run out of money, time, and other resources before discovering and validating a profitable business model especially in a volatile environment.


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