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Whatever decision you make, be sure to prep enough that you feel comfortable and ready when you open the test on the big day.* Including more advanced content on the Math Test, such as statistics and probability, paired passages on the Reading Test, and, most recently, changing the parameters of the Writing Test such that students do not need to respond to all three given perspectives.** I don’t have the data for all ACT-takers across the country, but it used to be that 1% of students earned a 33 or better on the composite score.

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The median is the 50Lastly, the graph demonstrates that a 50 point increase in your test scores yields a bigger increase in your percentile ranking around the median than among the higher test scores.

And a few factors have emerged that have changed the calculus of choosing between SAT and ACT.

” If that’s true—which it is for a growing number of students**—you could land yourself an exceptionally high ACT score through some thoughtful prep. But here is the other edge of this particular double-edged sword: if everyone is getting a 33 on the ACT, is your score really so exceptional? But if it only indicates that you are in a substantial pack of highly qualified applicants, has it helped get you in to college?

A great SAT score will help you differentiate yourself from the field of qualified students.

Last thing: your choice of ACT or SAT is not a permanent one.


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