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These make students more observant of the events around them, and help them make the choices they do in any aspect of life.

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Nothing is right or wrong, and since most of the prompts are based on personal opinion, they may vary.

Just be open to any idea, and get those young minds to think out of the box.

Any piece of writing finds its base on some kind of inspiration derived from a situation, person, or circumstance.

This inspiration becomes a fine piece of writing, and leaves people wondering how one can be so creative.

The monster is back and has an important message to deliver to you. He does love entertaining stories, so create the most outlandish excuse as to why you were late. ************ Follow me on Twitter: @Brian Klems Check out my book.

When it comes to dealing with creative writing, opinions vary significantly.If my creative muscle is having difficulty piecing together a one-sentence quip, how in the world can I flex it long enough to turn out a short story or a novel or even a new blog post?The remedy I’ve found that works best for me is trying a writing prompt.The motive behind any of these prompts is to ignite a spark which will turn into the flame of creativity.Do not discard the thought process behind any piece of writing.If writing is your strength, hobby or your dream is to become a writer, then you will get pleasure from this assignment.But if you find creative writing annoying, boring and you cannot put two words together, it must be really difficult for you to cope with it.If you’re stuck on one of those ruts—or are just looking to try your hand at some writing fun—you’ll love the 7 writing prompts I’ve shared below. All are different and attempt to force you into scenarios that will make you dig deep and be as creative as you can be. You and your three closest friends decide to go camping.You can stick with the tentative 500-word limit (so you can squeeze it in during a lunch break) or you can break out and write a longer piece. Write a letter breaking up with Writer’s Block, starting out with, “Dear Writer’s Block, it’s not you, it’s me … You arrive and set up camp nearly three miles away from where you left your car. Two men stop you on your way into your local post office. They tell you about a top secret sting operation they are about to execute and they need your help. Pretend you are a recovering alcoholic who falls off the wagon while attending your high school reunion.Describe the meaning of your name and the significance behind it. What do you think is the purpose of the allowance given by parents to children: financial independence or rewards for completing a chore or good behavior?Was there any specific reason you were given the name? Explain what you think is the logic behind an allowance and write a persuasive piece on why parents should follow this logic.


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