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Your introduction should end with a solid thesis statement that expresses your position on the topic.

Keep in mind that you’re writing a research-based position.

First I need to take my stance: Start your introduction with a clever hook—you know, something that’s going to grab a reader’s attention.

These first few lines of your essay will not only identify the subject of your paper, but they’ll also make your readers want to learn more.

This conclusion provides a brief overview of the paper’s key points and a statement to again emphasize the position.

The position paper is literally your bible throughout the conference.Each paragraph will contain a main argument that will help clarify and support your position.In these paragraphs, you’ll include evidence, such as quotes, statistics, and interviews that support each argument.Examining the opposing viewpoint will strengthen your argument because you will be able to not only illustrate the counterargument, but also refute the claim and explain why your point of view is valid.Here’s a sample outline for the body of my position paper: Tablets should replace textbooks in the classroom Evidence from sources: The concluding paragraph(s) will re-emphasize the key arguments of the paper.Position Papers at MUN are read during Opening Ceremonies.After conducting extensive research on the topic the position paper should be easy to write. It should include a brief introduction followed by a comprehensive breakdown of the country's position on the topic(s) that are being discussed by each of the committees.If you’re looking for help with finding evidence, read 5 Best Resources to Help with Writing a Research Paper.The body section of the paper is also where you’ll address the opposition.This introduction opens with a quote to grab the reader’s attention (the hook), introduces the topic, and ends with a thesis statement that states the position (that tablets should replace textbooks in the classroom).The body section forms the core of your essay and will consist of at least three body paragraphs.


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