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Usually, you will not actually begin writing here, but in a later section, wherever you think you have the most information.Because introductions are so highly structured, you may actually write your introduction last.

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Introductions usually have three parts: As you can see, a thoughtfully written introduction can provide a blueprint for the entire research paper.

In the first part of the introduction—the presentation of the problem or the research inquiry—state the problem or express it so that the question is implied.

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For the formal or primary academic research assignment, where you will take your place in the scholarly conversation, consider an organizational pattern typically used for primary academic research.

The methods section of your research paper should describe in detail what methodology and special materials, if any, you used to think through or perform your research.

You should include any materials you used or designed for yourself, such as questionnaires or interview questions, to generate data or information for your research paper.By reviewing the introductions to research articles in the discipline in which you are writing your research paper, you can get an idea of what is considered the norm for that discipline.Study several of these before you begin your paper so that you know what may be expected.Where large ad budgets are not necessary or feasible, where expensive ad production squanders limited capital, where every marketing dollar must do the work of two dollars, if not five dollars or even ten, where a person’s company, capital, and material well-being are all on the line—that is, where guerrilla marketing can save the day and secure the bottom line (Levinson, 1984, p. In this example, the first sentence gives us the general academic conversation that this article will join.Sentence 2 narrows the discussion slightly to the entrepreneur.You can also mention what benefits are to be gained from solving this problem or exploring this topic from your perspective.In the second part of the introduction, state your purpose and focus. Sometimes your purpose statement can take the place of the thesis by letting your reader know your intentions.The following example of a well-organized introduction provides such a blueprint. To survive, he must have a different outlook and must apply different principles to his endeavors than does the president of a large or even medium-sized corporation.Not only does the scale of small and big businesses differ but small businesses also suffer from what the article calls “resource poverty.” This is a problem and opportunity that requires an entirely different approach to marketing.Some writers like to delay presenting their thesis, especially if their readers may not be ready to accept it.The third part of the introduction, the summary or overview of the paper, briefly leads readers through the discussion, forecasting the main ideas and giving readers a blueprint for the paper. White remind us that “a small business is not a little big business.” An entrepreneur is not a multinational conglomerate but a profit-seeking individual.


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