Writing Essay Expressions

While you are explaining the meaning, you will identify the main features and characteristics of certain words and concepts and explain what makes them different from other words or concepts.

Demonstrate means that you prove something by showing explanations, illustrations, and supporting evidence.

Argue means that you say or write something in a way that you can convince or persuade your audience.

In your argument, you will provide reasons or any explanation to support your argument. Assess means that you evaluate or determine the value or quality of a given text.

Criticize means that you find something that you disapprove of based on your evaluation of a given text or material.

When you criticize certain texts, opinions, and ideas, you will make sure to find faults and explain why you disapprove of the things that you found.

You will often express your opinions or arguments based on the discussion.

Elaborate means that you explain something in more and at greater length.

When you elaborate on something, you will illustrate an idea with rich description and explanations for it.

Evaluate means that you assess the value of certain texts or ideas based on your own judgment.


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