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Writers served by these writing centers may vary depending on the setting.

Writers served by these writing centers may vary depending on the setting.

Below is a list of selected presentations and publications by Writing Center staff during the last several years.

Much of this work is directly related to writing center theory and practice. “Writing Centers are Great, Just Not for My Students: The Dilemma of High School Writing Centers.” Northeast Writing Centers Association 2016 Conference.

Such writing centers are often identified as community writing centers.

Writing centers are not exclusively a post-secondary phenomenon.

Some institutions also offer an Online Writing Lab (OWL), which generally attempts to follow the model of writing center tutoring in an online environment.

These environments have been said to be a step toward a new model of writing centers, a model known as Multiliteracy Centers. “Translating Practices: Integrating Writing Center Tutor Training into First-Year Writing.” 10 Annual Conference on the Teaching of Writing. Bugdal, Melissa, Nellie Binder and Kyle Piscioniere. “Speaking Up: The Development of Voice of First Generation College Writers.” Northeast Writing Center Association 2014 Conference. Another environment that could fall under this category is a physical space known as a digital studio.While some institutions do not have writing centers, a number offer similar support through entities which have a wider remit (scope).Writing centers generally rely on non-proscriptive and non-corrective approaches A writing center usually offers individualized conferencing whereby the writing tutor offers his or her feedback on the piece of writing at hand; a writing tutor's main function is to discuss how the piece of writing might be revised.However, the tutor usually does not proofread nor edit the student's work.It is part of what we do and who we are; it complements and energizes how we tutor, promote writing across the disciplines, and serve both UConn and the State of Connecticut. This scholarship takes several forms—books, articles, reviews, conference presentations—and involves undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty. “After the Branding: Student Created Perceptions of University Writing Centers.” Northeast Writing Center Association 2015 Conference. “On the Margin of the Margin: Embodying Physical Disability in the Writing Center as a Writing Tutor and Teaching Fellow.” Northeast Writing Centers Association Conference, April 2017. “The Disabled Body in the Public Sphere of the Writing Center.” Northeast Writing Center Association 2016 Conference. “Getting the (Creative) Word Out: Creating Connections with Creative Writers in Writing Centers at the University and High School Level.” Northeast Writing Center Association Annual Conference, Amherst, New Hampshire, April 2006. “Thriving Transplants: High School Tutors and Their Transition to College.” Northeast Writing Center Association 2011 Conference, Manchester, NH. “Cella, Laurie, Tess Bird, Kellan Chatelain, Dajemie Rodrigues, Gabrielle Wilmont and Anna Vu. “Practical Approaches to Tutoring Philosophies.” Northeast Writing Center Association 2012 Conference.


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