Writing A Startup Business Plan

For each group, You might feel like you’re just making up the answers here, so here are some tips to help.

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These problem/solution pairs will also become the “value proposition” for your business Defining a target market can be tough work for startup founders who just want to get started, but it’s worth the effort.

Your marketing efforts will be way more effective if you know exactly who your customers are.

For each problem you wrote down in the previous section, describe how your product is the best solution for your target customer.

For example, if your problem states that all local solutions are too expensive, then your answer might emphasize that your price point is more appealing to your customers.

This article will guide you through the least amount of work needed to create a startup business plan.

We call this approach Lean Planning, which basically means that you’ll first make your best guesses about your business needs, and then you’ll revise those guesses regularly, ideally once a month.I might revise “smooth and creamy and organic” to something like: Another pitfall is obsessing over the taglines of hugely successful businesses.For now, stick to the basics so you can grow into a company that tells customers to “Think Different,” or “Just Do It.” But don’t start with those taglines here.Try this exercise: For now, your goal is to write something quickly and move to the next sections.As you develop your business plan, you’ll find ways to revise this headline to more accurately summarize your unique business, vision statement, and the specific value you bring to customers.This is the headline of your entire business plan so it should give a basic overview of your idea, and then get someone excited to hear more.You may be tempted to insert a marketing statement here. If I sell yogurt, I might think my headline should be “smooth and creamy and organic.” If you’ve written a customer-facing statement like that, try rewriting it to communicate the key elements that investors, partners, or employees would ask to hear.More importantly, your entire business model relies on having enough paying customers to fuel your daily operations and growth.For this section, we’ll list the groups of people who could possibly buy your product.Once you’ve talked to a significant number of people, you can combine your customer interview notes with market trends and industry research data to make a solid case.Once you’re confident in your list of problems worth solving, condense them into three to five of the most important issues that real customers encounter.


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