Writing A Creative Story

I wanted to be able to competently go from a blank page to the complete story, to feel like I can write consistently and understand what I’m doing, instead of being stressed and wondering whether I can do this again.

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Starting with a prompt is a great way to make sure you always have something to write about, and replying to the prompts in this list will help your stories to get noticed and receive feedback — which is extremely important for growing as a writer.

Open this url to create a story template: By answering the questions in the template, you will be able to figure out all the information you need to know to create an awesome, well-crafted story.

Have you ever seen a dragon come to life or a land made of candy? Authors can make anything come to life through their words.

A creative story is a story that is imagined and made up by the author.

Most authors revise their own stories first, and then have other people revise the stories as well.

When you are revising your story, think about the following things: Once you have made sure that your story sounds the way you would like it to sound, the next step is editing.I desperately want to become a great writer, but the process of practicing this craft turned out to be way more difficult than I have ever expected — it felt confusing and overwhelming, and staring at a blank page, struggling to come up with ideas, is outright excruciating.The main problem I faced was the lack of clear and attainable goals, a straightforward process I could regularly practice to improve my skills.I suggest trying different approaches throughout the year to help the children discover what methods work best for them. In this article I will share a simple, step by step writing process that has helped me to break through my writer’s block, and gave me the confidence in my ability to write regularly.It's kind of like gathering all the ingredients for a yummy cake and finally putting them together to make a delicious dessert...except the paper your story is on may not taste as good with frosting on it!Creative stories are stories that are imagined and made up by the author.The first step in the writing process is prewriting. The next step is to start thinking about how your story will come together.Prewriting is another word for brainstorming or thinking through different ideas for your story. Some questions that you will want to ask yourself during this prewriting are: For our story, let's write about Freddie the Peppermint Knight who wore a suit of peppermint armor and fought a great battle to protect the Land of Candy from the Tooth Decay Brigade.No matter what you are writing, you need a plan to help you write your best.In this lesson, you will learn about how to write a creative story, what steps you should follow, and what you should think about as you write.


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