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To ensure you don't miss anything, make a list of the key points you plan to make in your discussion along with the data you need to back up those claims.If you have data that doesn't address your research question or that you don't need to make your argument, don't hesitate to leave it out.If you're doing a paper that reports on original investigative work, the Results section will be where you detail your findings.

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Figures (graphs and diagrams) and tables present the complete findings in numerical, visual or graphical terms, while the accompanying text helps the reader to focus on the most important aspects of the results and to interpret them.

Generally, there are 4 stages to a results section: Sometimes results can be presented together, with an accompanying general comment; at other times each result may require its own comment.

As well as simply presenting your results, the Results section forms a basis for the Discussion section (whether separate or integrated).

In this section you may have to explain the significance of your research, deal with unexpected outcomes, refer to previous research, give examples, relate your results to your hypothesis, and make recommendations Note: Not all of the elements above are included in all theses – there is considerable variation among different disciplines.

You want to be able to convey a lot of information in a small amount of space and distill your findings into a few key quotes or graphics.

Most results sections will be a mix of text, tables, and figures, but it is usually a good idea to complete the graphics first so you can then build your Results section around them.

It functions as a stepping-stone to the Discussion section by presenting the framework on which the Discussion can be built.

The results section will present the findings of the study in figures and tables and in written text.

The Results section should be a concise presentation of your research findings that gives only the data and your statistical analysis.

It should not include any interpretation of the data - basically, it should be as dry as possible, with no mention of what the results mean or how they were obtained.


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