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The deaths of both my grandmother’s within a month of each other just reminded me how short life is and how we should never take anything for granted.

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CAREER DEVELOPMENT PORTFOLIO Table of Contents Introduction 1 Significant Life Experiences 2, 3 Analysis of Accomplishments 4, 5 Inventory of Skills and Competencies 6 Work Philosophy and Goals 7 Resume 8, 9 Sample of Work 10 Credentials, Certificates, Workshops 11, 12, 13 Appendix 14 INTRODUCTION The Career Development Portfolio I am submitting exhibits hours of self-assessment and documentation.

The purpose of this portfolio is to highlight my strengths, skills and competencies in order to gain college credit for a class that I have completed at Cleveland Community I have never forgotten the lessons they taught me, both good and hard ones!

During the term, keep all of your work in a folder; at the end of the term, you'll write a reflective essay about your writing, using your portfolio in order to include specific examples of your writing's strengths and weaknesses.

Your essay will also treat what you hope to continue to improve in your writing.

A portfolio also allows the writer to be more organized with their work.

A website, “Rhetoric and Writing”, talks about the importance of having a Professional Writing Portfolio.

I have learned that faith and prayer are essential in my life.

The many great influences in my life have enabled me to become a confident, determined person and to set goals. I do not regret any of the events that have happened, but wish I had been more determined to finish my education earlier in life.

Transitioning from a high school academic English class to college level writing class was a big step for me.

I spent countless nights where I would just stare at my computer screen having no idea what to write, but practice makes perfect....


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