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It is verydifferent from Hollywood cinematography due to unusual plot and directors approach to its development.It traces a story of a young woman Lola who has to save her boyfriend from death. Each of them lasts for 20 minutes and has the same actors and props involved.The mezzo level deals with small or medium size groups.

Ultimately, Hero is revealed to be alive and the marriage takes place while Don John is arrested for his crimes.2 options result in death ad only one of them is successful.The movie keeps people engaged from the first minute till the last one.This is evident when family members take him to a psychiatrist who diagnoses his mental condition (Cadigan, 2003).They also encourage him to join self-help groups and participate in various sports and games, such as table tennis.Schizophrenia Discussion from Film Review Schizophrenia Discussion from Film Review The film, People Say I’m Crazy, is anautobiographical documentary detailing the experiences of John Cadigan as he battled paranoid schizophrenia.John’s struggles depict the micro, mezzo and macro issues that characterize the path to the treatment of the mental condition.With the resurgence of female empowerment movies in our present day, it is important to note that Legally Blonde was not just trying to deliver the basic point that anything a man can do, a woman can do better.Instead, this film has proven to be intelligent in its own right.At the mezzo level, we will need to attend to such groups as the self-help groups formed by patients, schools, neighborhoods or local organizations, provide guidance and prescribe proper medication. The film stars Jean-Pierre Leaud and Jacqueline Bisset and in French, the name of the film means a special process that contains a number of sequences which are shot outdoors in broad daylight.Lastly, at the macro level, we will need to lobby and push for the adoption of patients’ rights. The shots are taken using underexposed or dimmed and infrared film stock or artificial light (tungsten) during postproduction in order to come into sight like the film took place at night. of pages: 3 Premium 6530 Descriptive Summary Directed by ace director Steven Spielberg, who time and again weaves magic on the screen, and this time again with “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” the movie is a thriller because of the fact that it is an action /adventure.


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