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Rather, you are likely to be interpreting existing data in a slightly different way (including through the addition of primary data) or looking at a particular issue and relating knowledge that already exists to your chosen subject.

The background to your subject, along with the reasons why you want to write about it, should be summarised in about 150 words.

Before you write your dissertation you will be expected to write a dissertation proposal.

This is true regardless of the level at which you are studying.

Direct quotes should be kept to the bare minimum if they are included at all (unlike in the dissertation itself).

Literature Review Examples Below is a very generalised draft chapter structure.

Within the proposal document, it would be normal for the preliminary literature review to be somewhere between 300 and 500 words (depending upon both the course you are undertaking and the level at which you are studying).

Remember that this section must be referenced according to the system preferred by your university (such as Harvard, MLA, Oxford, and so on).

The proposal document’s methodology section should make reference to a number of key books on the subject and should comment on the research approach you are taking as well as the reasons for you deciding not to use other approaches. If, for example, you are writing a history dissertation on the wool trade in 14th century Suffolk, it is unlikely that you will face any such ethical considerations.

If, however, you are writing about patients presently receiving cancer treatment in the ward where you are doing your placement, there are a number of ethical considerations that will need to be addressed.


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