Write A Position Paper

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This will serve as a background information and give your readers an insight into the matter necessary to capture the general theme.

Want to get a good mark, you should write in a clear and concise manner.

Take advantage of the issue and support your ideas with as much background information as possible.

The majority of students write their position papers to express an opinion on the subject and ignore the opportunity to explore a contrasting viewpoint.

Also, never use inappropriate words or concepts you don’t really understand.

These elements clutter the paper and make an odd impression.

Introduce your theme by providing readers with information that might be relevant to the story.

It means that if your topic doesn’t limit to common knowledge, you need to start with an overview of its main provisions.

Then make sure to introduce your main idea about it.

For example, if you decide to present your point of view on the interracial marriage, tell the audience about the state of international affairs in the country and specify the first documented case of such marriage.


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