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If you are not already in the habit of reading other writers with an analytical eye, start forming that habit now.

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The goal is to narrate this event or situation in a way that the reader can fully experience and understand.

This type of writing generally incorporates both narrative and descriptive writing, which are two of the main modes of writing.

This is the heart of this Coursera specialization in Memoir and Personal Essay.

Masters of both genres share tips, prompts, exercises, readings and challenges to help every writer imagine, construct and write compelling pieces of non-fiction's most popular form: the personal narrative.

This class is the chance to create your personal essay or extend into a full memoir -- from planning and structure to bold narrative brushstrokes to the layering of significant detail.

Write A Personal Essay

You will develop the opportunity to find your voice and see it come alive, amplified and improved, on the page.In Williams’ day, you could see the streetcar downtown with a lighted sign at the front telling folks where the vehicle was headed.The playwright saw this streetcar regularly—and also saw, of course, the metaphorical possibilities of the name. Moore shares a variety of methods for crafting an essay that keeps the reader’s desires and preferences in mind, resulting in a resonate and truly memorable piece. Essays are for readers.” Good writing is never merely about following a set of directions.Like all artists of any form, essay writers occasionally find themselves breaking away from tradition or common practice in search of a fresh approach. But even groundbreakers learn by observing what has worked before.” Similarly and often just as important, if you are reading a piece of writing and find yourself confused, bored, or frustrated, stop again, back up, squint closely at the writing, and form a theory as to how, when, or where the prose went bad.Identifying the specific successful moves made by others increases the number of arrows in your quiver, ready for use when you sit down to start your own writing.Here are some tips on making a personal essay more effective: Focus on detail.The writer’s job is to show, not tell, what happened.This can be done, but doing it well involves great writing skill.No matter what, be sure to keep the verb tense consistent.


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