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Let the interviewer know that you talked with the co-worker, in order to clear the air and avoid hiding resentment.

This clearly shows that you are willing to deal with the difficulty, instead of suffering in silence.

Did you have a job that relates to the position you are seeking?

Hit the interviewer with your unique achievements and contributions to the company’s bottom line.

Especially in light of the fact that companies have not been hiring for the last few years or that a person may have taken time to be with young children or an illness may have prevented someone from working.

This is a good time to refer to your references—people who can verify that you were perhaps, self-employed for a time or otherwise disengaged.

Say that your experiences have made you reliable and prepared to go all out in the new position.

It’s almost a surprise that this question still comes up.

For example, “I tend to be very demanding of others, but I am learning that everyone has their own unique gifts.”Now is the opportunity to address any gaps in your resume.

Tell the interviewer that you may not have direct experience in an area, but related experience such as fund-raising in place of sales experience.


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