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" In the example above, any information that doesn't deal with the month of July is unnecessary to answer the question.You are left with 90 percent of 10 games, allowing you to do a simple calculation: The word problem only gives you two numbers, so it would be easy to assume that the questions involves those two numbers.So 8% growth might not look like something that's so fast or that exciting.

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The magic happens in two easy steps: Step 1: Launch the app and aim your smartphone at a math equation. Well, at least it should and most of the time it does. To see each step used to unravel the equation, just tap the word “Steps” that appears on your smartphone screen. Cue the collective mirth of math haters everywhere -- and the collective ire of math teachers the world over. Not until sometime in early 2015, according to its creators.

Wonderful' on Teaching Kids About Money: ' Put Their Noses In It, Like You're Training a Puppy' Photo Math’s genius doesn’t end at the solution.

However, in this case, the question requires that you calculate another answer first: the number of questions Abel got right.

You'll need to subtract 4 from 80, then calculate the percentage of the difference: The standard approach would be to multiply 200 by 0.92: 200*.92=184.

Always make sure you know what is being asked, what operations are necessary and what units, if any, you need to include in your answer.

The simplest way to eliminate extraneous data is to identify the question; in this case, "How many games did Kim win in July?

So his normal pay of 40 × = 0, plus his overtime pay of 12 × = 0 gives us a total of 0 There are 12 girls!

And 3b = 4g, so b = 4g/3 = 4 × 12 / 3 = 16, so there are 16 boys So there are now 12 girls and 16 boys in the class, making 28 students altogether.


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