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Some people refer to Bhangra as a kind of dance since it was earlier used as a celebratory folk dance that meant spring or Vaisakhi was nearby (David, 2011)…

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So there is the need of exceptional care of health in this season because cold can lead to the joint disorders.

Winter is a very beautiful season and a gift of nature but we can only enjoy this season by taking care of our health otherwise this blessing may prove to be dangerous for us.

An American poet Robert frost had written a very beautiful poem about the natural beauty of the winter, “Stopping by woods on a snowy evening”. This season is very enjoyable for the people of the regions where winter season comes after long hectic summer.

We are also blessed with many fruits in the winter season. When there is cool outside, we also feel cool inside.

I am not able to go outside and enjoy the terrific sunshine and fresh smell of grass.

I once read an article about the effects of colors and how they can influence people's moods and emotions.Literally, Punjab means giving the literal meaning of the "Land of Five Rivers". Bhangra music is a genre that was developed in the 1980s in England.It entails both folk and classical music from various western regions as well as the Punjab region of India.Winter in New York can be really challenging with snow storms and severe weather conditions.Not to mention that very often snow can block traffic, create havoc, and even cut communication utilities In this cases winter can be indeed the worse season of the year. In monsoon there is rain and at last my favorite summer we face hot atmosphere. Mainly there are four seasons: winter, Summer, autumn, and spring. Winter is the cold season generally comes at the end of October and middle of November.In mountainous regions there is snowfall and glaciers are formed.There are numberless winter sports practiced in the open air, however, for me exposing my body to harsh temperatures and having numb limbs is not the ideal situation.Going to the gym is also acceptable, but then you have to walk back home exposed to the cold wind, after you have taken a shower, so one can catch cold or flu.Finally, to add to the lower spirits is the extreme weather which makes me worry about family and friends, who might be stuck and in trouble in unreachable places.Scientists always recommend prolonged outdoor activities, in order to keep one's body and spirit in good shape.


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