Why School Uniforms Are Good Essay

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As the school administration tries their level best to maintain dressing sanity in schools conflicts always arise.Students will sometimes be sent home for days, get punishments and parents will also get involved.

It has been argued that maintaining dress code in schools may prove to be very difficult task for school management.

With the changing in lifestyles and dress fashions determining what should be worn or not becomes very difficult.

Do school uniforms improve discipline and motivation for better education?

This is the question that many people would like to get answers for and this paper discusses the importance of school uniform with the aim of showing that if it is implemented it will significantly contribute to upholding of discipline.

A report by Oregon Legislative claims that school uniform goes a long way in “Helping prevent gang members from wearing gang colors and insignia at school”(OLPR 1).

School uniform will help not only the gangs and cliques to have discipline and focus on education but also the rest of the school.

All these can actually be done away with by implementing school uniform in our institutions. S department of Education, has become a common phenomenon.

Some of the clothes and jewelry brought to schools are very expensive hence promoting theft.

Some schools enforce use of school uniform while others are not of the opinion.

Others have simply opted to the use of particular dress codes instead.


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