Why Is Qualification For A Thesis Important

You can view samples of our professional work here. According to Strydom, University of the Witwatersrand Institutional Repository 1996, by continuous improvement of learning, learners develop and get used to a specific circumstances adequately basing on their specific demands as well as faculties existing in the circumstances which is described as academic success.

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Besides, Kassin (2003) thinks that motivation is a personality characteristic of individual.

Motivation is divided into three types: internal, external and achieving motivation (Entwistle, 1998).

suggests are very similar to the factors are discussed in the model of activity behavior of Eccles (Eccles & Harold, 1991).

Kuh and his assistants classified socializers, pre-college experiences, background characteristics and awareness as important factors of academic success.

The students with academic success would have more opportunities to choose their future jobs than those with less education.

Additionally, academic success might represent the gap between doing the job for earning money and enjoying the job (Rentner & Kober, 2001, p. Furthermore, the students who succeed in study seem to become: more sustainable in their jobs; more expected to have health insurance; more confident about their income; more active, helpful and healthy; safer from the illegal activities (National Alliance of Business, Inc., 1998) Finally, academic success helps students keep off participationon in sexual activities (Schvaneveldt, Miller, & Berry, 2001), have higher self-regard (Filozof, Albertin, & Jones, 1998), have lower levels of hopelessness and worry (Cicchetti & Toth, 1998; Liem, Dillon, & Gore, 2001), get away from the misuse of alcohol and social unexpected performance (Kasen, Cohen, & Brook, 1998), and prevent themselves from engaging in chemical abuse (Hallfors et al., 2002; Schulenberg et al., 1994).There are a lot of researchers studying about the effect of motivation on academic success so a great deal of theories about this concept have been defined.According to Maslow (1962), motivation means that the needs of human beings encouraged them to progress and attain the success.Academic success is important because not only the good jobs with the satisfactory wages the students would have, but also the higher levels of education to tackle the technologically demanding occupations the working students would need in the future (Brown, 1999; National Alliance of Business, Inc., 1998).Moreover, the quantity of jobs demanding a university education is predicted to increase more than twice as fast as those not demanding a university education by the next ten to twenty years (Fleetwood & Shelley, 2000; Rentner & Kober, 2001).What are the characteristics of a successful student? Academic success is important because it directly decides the positive outcomes of the students after graduating.There is nothing out of the blue, a research shows that the students with good degrees or high levels of education are more probably to be employed and paid a higher salary grade than the others with no academic success (National Center for Education Statistics, 2001; U. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, 1999).Method of learning is the way students control their study logically, acquire knowledge from the lessons effectively, and learn successfully. According to Hidden secrets of academic success ( Noah Mazereeuw 2010), two of a lot of factors which affect academic success of students during studying periods are the influence from roommates and the encoding specificity.The first factor is a fact about students’ realizations which are mostly affected significantly by their roommates.This is about the ways for students to learn information or to study something.Specifically, it is the most effective when students recall the context in which they had learned information or studied previously.


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