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College courses will also help me to think differently about many things.

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I can go to college online, at my own pace, and make easy payments that I can afford.

By doing this, I can still work full time and provide for my family.

I understand the changes in the funding processes for students who default on their student loans, but punishing all for the actions of others is not fair.

People that are serious about pursing their college education miss out on the college opportunity due to lack of funding and not being able to afford it in a traditional college setting.

However, the main prerogative of college education is that it shows how one can benefit of my professional knowledge since studying in college is both a theoretical and professional experience.

The college education is important for me as a future professional who is going to work for this country.

Secondly, furthering my education can mean a many great opportunities for advancing in my career and in life.

Leading or setting the example for my daughters is very important to me.

The recent research shows that obtaining college education will be beneficial for me both as a student and a future professional.

The main focus of my studies will be studying in the areas of arts, natural sciences and humanities.


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