Why Become A Nurse Essay

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Examples of the types of nursing include family practice, geriatrics, adult health, maternal-infant, pediatrics, mental health, and medical-surgical.

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Continuing education requirements vary by state, but it’s important that nurses continue to build their knowledge as nurses and their knowledge of the health care profession, of the health care delivery model, and of how they fit into that model.

“We are constantly searching for opportunities to improve the patient experience and opportunities to refine our knowledge and skills as nurses, so that we can serve as advocates of patient safety, practicing with the latest evidence possible,” says Burdi. It’s vital that nurses are caring people who love helping others and want to make a difference in the world.

“You can also gradually begin to plot out your goals and achieve those goals over time as they become feasible, whether it's through the benefit of your employer providing tuition reimbursement and also considering work-life balance,” says Burdi.

“But the beauty is that you have these options that allow you to further your career, through the lens of academic advancement and specialty certification.” Tuition reimbursement for continuing education, generous paid time off, tax savings plans, life insurance, pension plans, medical-dental-vision insurance, the above-mentioned schedule flexibility—these are all common nursing employment benefits.

“With that interprofessional collaboration, we are able to bounce ideas off one another to ultimately improve the patient experience.” Eighty-three percent of surveyed nurses reported satisfaction with their career choices, according to an annual survey conducted by AMN Healthcare and The Center for Advancement of Healthcare Professionals.

“One reason for this high degree of job satisfaction is that we have an opportunity to grow within our skill sets; we can start off as a registered nurse practicing at the bedside, and then evolve into different areas of nursing such as patient care coordination, nursing education, and health care administration, and then even working within the community in public health sectors,” Burdi says.

There are multiple opportunities within the profession that lend themselves to creating jobs and opportunity.” Nurses were ranked the most trusted profession in 2018, according to the annual Gallup poll on honesty and ethical standards.

Nurses have topped the list of 22 professions for the past 17 years.

“As we broaden our lens on cultural diversity, it enriches our ability to provide care and changes our scope, so that we're not considering care in the moment.

Instead, we're looking at population health needs within the United States and also worldwide.” Health care is ever-evolving, and a love of learning is almost mandatory in nursing.


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