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My sister quit school and got married at an early age.This was another thing that motivates me to continue my education through college. My family encourages me to be part of activities at school and in the community. Ask an English teacher, and they’ll tell you good writing is grammatically correct.

Although I was involved in many activities in high school, here at San Diego State University, I find that it is harder for me to be involved in extracurricular activities, because my class schedule does not allow it and I have to take the bus 21 miles to get home.

But I would like to join some organizations like Associated Students.

To them, it’s much more important that you understand the ideas of others and be able to cite them in MLA format. Go around citing the sources of all of your ideas and people will start avoiding you, because it’s If it comes from you, that’s fine. We are taught that good writing puts the focus on the subject, not the writer. It gives equal attention to opposing points of view, presenting them all without singling out one as best. Great writers don’t learn how to write by sitting in writing courses, reading writing blogs, or browsing Barnes & Noble for yet more books on writing. Then they repeat the process until they finish something they feel is worth publishing.

Have you ever read the stuff scientists, engineers, and other so-called “detached observers” write? Outside of their exclusive circles, you couldn’t pay people to read it. Who am I to criticize the writing habits you learned in school? They learn how to write by coming to a blank page, writing something down, and then asking themselves if it works. They labor under the mistaken assumption that there is an invisible standard of good and bad.

Mission accomplished, as far as our schools are concerned.

But let me ask you something: I think most good writers listen to the way English teachers want them to write and think, “This isn’t real. You’re the only person in the world who would willingly read it.Maybe, if they’re really honest, they’ll admit it has a scholarly tone — prose that sounds like Jane Austen earns an A, while a paper that could’ve been written by Willie Nelson scores a B (or worse).Not all English teachers abide by this system, but the vast majority do.What’s worse is that many teachers hold up the classics as examples of what good writing is, and they expect you to mimic those writers with your essays.Sure, Chaucer and Thomas More and Shakespeare were the stud muffins of their day, but you don’t see them on the ), but because people can’t connect with them.She told me if I finished the requirements for graduation, I could graduate with other students my age. My family had a large part in my achievements in high school and continues to be a source of motivation in my achievements in college.I am the youngest in the family and the first one to graduate from high school and to attend college.Not surprisingly, that’s the way most of us were taught to write: long paragraphs, topic sentences neatly organized, lots of supporting evidence in between assertions. The rest of us sit around wondering whether it’s okay to express ourselves “that way” or not. Well, I think Stephen King says it best: “Make yourself a solemn promise right now that you’ll never use ‘emolument’ when you mean ‘tip’ and you’ll never say John stopped long enough to perform an act of excretion when you mean John stopped long enough to take a shit.If you believe ‘take a shit’ would be considered offensive or inappropriate by your audience, feel free to say John stopped long enough to move his bowels (or perhaps John stopped long enough to ‘push’).No, the sneaky little bugger that I was (and still am) realized that sources were an escape route from creativity.With enough quotations from other writers, I could fill up an entire paper without coming up with a single original thought of my own. From kindergarten to getting my degree in English Literature, I got an A on all but like five papers.


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