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Given that, Jesus is not only my God, but my savior and teacher as well.

Given that, Jesus is not only my God, but my savior and teacher as well.He serves as an ideal for which I strive for in my life.” – Joel “Jesus was the Son of God, and he died so that everyone’s sins may be forgiven. Jesus was God, and he is the reason that all of sinning humanity has a shot at getting into heaven. I could say he’s my ‘personal savior’ or that he’s the ‘king of kings’ or ‘100 percent man, 100 percent God.’ These would all be true statements, but it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Jesus.

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It is the religion of the church that gets in the way of being true followers of Christ.” “I have always heard the name Jesus so I’ve never really had a Jesus-is-my-Savior epiphany.

However, I’ve always been taught that he died on the cross for my sins (whatever that means). Stuart, England: I think we need to present Jesus as one who challenges the status quo with surprising things, because I think the image we have is so banal and so predictable.

– Lindsay “I believe that Jesus calls us to love and love unconditionally.

Often as Christians, and especially Mennonites, we are too easily caught up in trying to discern what God would like and what he wouldn’t like in a person.

– Kiersten “This is a question that I always manage to tear up about when I answer.

I don’t wanna use all the traditional adjectives to describe him.

I do not make the distinction between the multiple facets of God.

God, in the form of Jesus, came to earth and lived, taught and died with his death paying for my sins.

“Jesus to me is the all in all, a pure man without sin [who] cannot sin. Also I know that I am protected and can do anything because I have accepted Jesus into my heart.

I think Jesus was sent down from God, which means Jesus is God’s son. If it wasn’t for God’s ultimate sacrifice of his son, we would not be forgiven.


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