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Authors also sometimes post all their publications on their personal website.So even if they don't list their email you may still be able to find them by googling their name and institution and look through their webpage(s).

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They provide access to a database of crowd-sourced selected studies from participating scholars around the world. Some of the studies are by leading scholars who partner with RAND. This leading survey and research organization is famous for their polling on salient issues in the news.But the quality of press access varies dramatically between publishers and this really only works if you're an actual member of the press.(Most journos I know don't know press access is a thing though, weirdly.)Otherwise /u/psiprof has a pretty comprehensive list.Open access journals provide free online access to all users.The DOAJ is a one-stop shop for searching open access journals around the world (except those published in India).You may lose a bit of money depending on the policies on course fees at that school, but you'll have a legitimate login for some pretty comprehensive databases. If you have a login, most universities also have a VPN so you can access restricted content off campus.Consider asking a friend at university if they're willing to let you use their login (or just send them the link and ask them to download it for you)r/Scientific Research is dedicated to the discussion of the process of experimentation, data gathering, study design, conducting literature reviews, statistical interpretation, publication in peer-reviewed journals, and anything else involved with conducting research or the scientific process.Here's a listing of some of the free databases I've found.Most are oriented toward medicine and the social sciences, with several databases for the hard sciences as well. National Institutes of Health has more than 2 million open access, full-text studies that relate to public health and policy issues. This is a free site for searching MEDLINE through the National Library of Medicine. This free site from the National Library of Medicine provides authoritative consumer health information, including searches of MEDLINE, Clinical Trials.gov, and NIH research studies.You can join this project and curate your own selection of papers. Fewer people know they also sponsor lots of original research and provide deep, analytical reports about the issues. An organization that is tied into a large network of social science scholars across the United States.With a particular focus on issues of inequality, social mobility, race, class and related issues. Do you have any friends who are faculty/staff/students at a university?


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