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Class III: All other physical disabilities as related to lower extremity paralysis or paresis originating at or below L-3.

Wheelchair Basketball is a form of basketball usually played by the physically impaired.

Participants play on specially designed wheelchairs, built specifically for the sport.

Player Eligibility: Any individual who, because of permanent severe leg disability or paralysis of the lower portion of the body, will benefit through participation in wheelchair basketball and who would be denied the opportunity to play basketball, were it not for the wheelchair adaptation, is eligible.

The Wheelchair: The height of the seat must not exceed 21" from the floor.

I made it a point to rebel against my parents, teachers, and siblings. It has taken me places I thought I would never go, and I am hoping it continues to do so.

My parents had no idea where this behavior had come from or how it could be stopped. Miller high school saw me and my family at Wal-Mart, and asked for me to be placed on this team. I was often punished for this behavior that started when I was around the age of 9. My parents thought I had an evil spirit inside of me and soon lost all anticipation. For example, "traveling" in wheelchair basketball occurs when the athlete touches his wheels more than twice after receiving or dribbling the ball.The individual must pass, bounce or shoot the ball before he or she can touch their wheels again.A heel strap of 1 1/2" width (minimum) must be attached to the foot platform bars.Each chair must be equipped with a roll bar or other protective device to ensure against damage to the playing surface.Classification is an international regulation for playing wheelchair basketball, where competitions restrict the number of points allowable on the court at one time.However, at this time, athletes are only allowed to compete internationally if they have a disability.The height of the foot platform or first point of contact must be no more than 4 7/8" from the floor.Seat cushions are permitted for medical and therapeutic reasons; a medium weight foam rubber is permitted (2" maximum thickness for Class III players and 4" maximum thickness for all other players).


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