What Is Machiavelli Overall Thesis

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So if fortune changes the kingdom will still be behind you no matter what comes in the near days to come.

At the same time your army will neglect you if they feel like it's too much peace in the area and not enough war.

Crime or violence also can be a big factor on gain power and respect to lead the people having them fear you as prince.

Also there are more natural ways of becoming a prince"The Prince" by Niccolo Machiavelli is about the origination of a prince.

Machiavelli tells leaders to lean toward self-preservation, to do this he insists they will have to lie in certain situations.

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Regardless if a prince thinks something is bad or evil, if it is necessary to maintain a desired state of being, he must do it- it is his duty. It is good to be generous with money, just not your own if you want to preserve legacy.

If you kill only one person, you spare the rest of the community by making an example of the consequences for breaking the rules.

In reference to punishment, Machiavelli says historians are wrong when it comes to Hannibal.

Also, a prince can only inflict punishment if he has probable cause behind it.

A prince must inspire far through examples of punishment.


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