What Is An Editorial Essay

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But is it personal essay material, the kind editors might actually pay you money to publish?Editors from top outlets weigh in on what it takes to get your essay out of their inbox and into print.

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If the purpose of your writing is to impart knowledge in an orderly way, you're writing an essay.

If your purpose is to capture your thoughts on an issue you find important and persuade others to share that opinion, or to praise work done in your community, or even to amuse readers with your take on a topical issue, you're writing an editorial.

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Editorials are probably the most difficult type of journalistic piece to write.

and aren’t keen to see again unless you’re bringing something new and different to the table. “It really takes a lot to make an essay about any of these subjects stand out.”While your essay might be meaningful to you, you have to step into the shoes of the average reader and consider what will make him care about your thousand-word story.

“The key question to ask about every idea you have,” says O’Donnell, is ‘So what?A persuasive essay argues for a particular viewpoint, while a descriptive essay paints a picture in its readers' imaginations.The type of essay you choose to write should always be based on which type is most useful in informing your readers on the topic you've chosen to write.Any common experience can be an exciting and pivotal moment in a personal essay if the writer does the work of tying it into the bigger picture.“Go ahead and write a detailed scene about mowing your lawn,” says O’Donnell, “Editors can easily name topics they’ve seen a zillion times… It’s been done.“There are certain experiences that are at once extremely difficult, and even traumatic, and very, very common,” Bleyer says, referring to such life-changing and painful events as a parent’s death or a partner’s infidelity.The best essays are featured in compilations of writings on a specific topic that are printed by university presses for academic writing.The best editorials are featured in everything from local to national newspapers, television news programs, and in online news sources and websites.’” “The average reader doesn’t care about you or whatever crazy thing that happened to you,” says O’Donnell.Rather, readers want that crazy thing that happened to you to “illuminate something about their own life.” recently by a woman whose husband died, discussing the secret language of inside jokes and references that died with him,” O’Donnell says.“Any situation that’s explored with empathy, intelligence, humor and humility can make for a great essay, no matter how small the moment,” says .“She mined a moment at a TSA checkpoint, where her husband’s fussing was irritating her, into an essay for Modern Love that explored everything that is awful and wonderful about marriage,” For Jones, that was an easy one to greenlight.


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