What Is A Prospectus For A Research Paper

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Given your familiarity with the intellectual context, what questions will you ask of the primary source that will help you write a convincing and significant analysis of your research problem?

Przeworski and Salomon demand that the findings be original, but for an undergraduate honors thesis, the requirements are more modest.

A prospectus also is used to apply for grants or other funding from universities or nonprofit organizations.

A prospectus for a thesis for a graduate school program or a master's program is an important part of the entire post-graduate experience.

Tell how you can contribute to the ongoing conversation between other historians by conducting an analysis of your chosen primary source.

The more you know about your primary source, the easier it will be to describe your source in detail.When you survey the field, what common tendencies and unanswered questions stand out? For each work or author cited, identify productive insights and remaining questions that will inform your research.Restate your research topic in the conclusion to this section.They also orient you toward an audience who won’t share your ideas about the intrinsic interest of your subject.Following the exercises in this book, you will repeatedly ask yourself “so what?3-6.) In essence, this section constitutes a literature review.Use the annotated bibliography (step #4 above) as the basis for this section.If you do write a separate section on background, make it as concise as possible and keep it well connected to your research problem.The major work of the Intellectual Context section is to classify the historiography according to topics and approaches.” and thus make a stronger case for your research topic.A good grounding in the secondary literature is the best way to establish conceptual significance.


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