What Can You Do With A Creative Writing Degree

What Can You Do With A Creative Writing Degree-19
Many creative writing students go on to share their love for creative writing with other students after them.Creative writing teachers work at all levels in education.

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Sometimes when I'm asked what I majored in during college, I occasionally fib and say English or English literature instead of what's written on my diploma: creative writing.

It's not that I'm ashamed or embarrassed by my degree (I worked really hard for it!

You're willing to suffer through a lot of poems about softly falling snow if it means you get to knock back a few plastic cups of cheap Merlot.

It's tough to listen to your heart and pick an artsy major instead of one that will definitely get you an actual, well-paying job right out of school, but you know life isn't about playing it safe.

Harsh criticism just bounces off of you like bullets off of Wonder Woman's cuffs. At this point, you're totally putting the cart before the horse, but you can't help it.

One day you imagine yourself applying to grad school, the next looking for an entry-level job at a publishing company.

She looks up from her laptop (where she's been working on her villanelle) and you give each other the nod that says: you get me. Someone being better at writing than you is one thing. But someone who can't write well or critique someone else's work in a way that's at all helpful (but who thinks they can) is another monster entirely and you do not have time for this unwashed riffraff.

You feel really guilty about this one, because you know you're contributing to the stereotype of lazy creative writing major, but hey, you're not going to complain.

I’ve been working towards a degree in creative writing in school, not really because I planned it that way, but just because I enjoy it so much and I’ve taken so many of the classes.

It seems like the most sensible thing to do, since I am already well on my way, but can I do anything useful with this degree after college? Actually making a living doing genuine creative writing as you are probably imagining it (fiction, poetry, etc.) is extremely hard.


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