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Click on the "IDCS-Id P" partner from the Identity Provider Partners list.Fill in the following information: the "Redirect URIs" are all the URIs that should be protected by the SAML SSO policy, that is, every URI that would trigger the SAML SSO flow and/or require authorization. this is the key point of this use case, by enabling "Virtual User" and "Process Attributes" we will allow users that are only defined in the Id P (IDCS) to login to our application.This approach presents a great advantage when integrating web applications running in Weblogic with Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS), since we don’t have to worry about keeping IDs in synch, and administrators can concentrate the users/groups management on one single place: IDCS. Reorder the SAMLAuthenticator and SAML2Identity Asserter. Click on the Default Authenticator and set its Control Flag to "OPTIONAL". Repeat the below steps for each of the managed server hosting the applications that will be federated with IDCS.

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In the Advanced Settings panel, enter the following: Single Logout URL is the logout URL of the sample application.

HOST: PORT is the host and port of the managed server running the sample application. Open the application page, go to “SSO Configuration” tab and click “Download IDCS Metadata” and save the XML file (IDCSMetadata.xml).

Compared to what Glass Fish knows about Web Logic, this is still a very limited set of parameters. And we are still looking forward to even less xml configuration with further Java EE versions. What Glass Fish knows about Web Logic Glass Fish Server offers limited support for the weblogic-application.xml, weblogic.xml, and deployment descriptor files.

The only element in that Glass Fish Server supports is security.

Federation is a well-known pattern and has been discussed at length on this blog.

Almost every vendor or cloud provider out there supports Federation and it’s been around for quite some time now.

Now, after performing all the above mentioned activities, basic authentication is up and running.

You can test it by accessing the secure page on browser.

The sample application (Federation Sample App) deployment descriptor is configured to allow access to resources under /protected/* to users that belong to "Federation Sample App Members" group.

You can modify the deployment descriptor to add the groups you already have created in IDCS or you can create a new group called "Federation Sample App Members".


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