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In so far as Stalin had a personal ideology, he supposedly was permanently transfixed by the objective of building ‘socialism in a single country’ and steadily mutated into a Russian nationalist leader.

He noted that Lenin had recognised Stalin’s talent after 1917; Stalin was people’s commissar of nationalities affairs, served as a political commissar on several military fronts and joined the earliest permanent politburo.Pereira highlights the careful improvement in Stalin’s skills as an orator in the two decades after the revolution.Using one of the books he cited, he could have gone further.Robert Tucker’s biography of Stalin, published in 1973, introduced the idea that Stalin was no mere administrator but a talented leader who could quickly make up his mind about policy and assemble a dynamic political team to carry it out.The fact that his factional adversaries – Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev and Bukharin – denied this said more about their ineptitude and condescension than about Stalin.He was an arch-bureaucrat who put together a coalition of party secretaries who had no truly revolutionary intent and were preoccupied by a concern for bureaucratic privilege.By putting himself forward as their spokesman he transformed the Soviet Union into a state whose nature was at odds with the one that Lenin and Trotsky had in mind in the years after the October 1917 Revolution.Stalin was a mass terrorist with a gross personality disorder. But he was able to do what he did because he was also a leader of exceptional talent.- Read the full text of Stalin and the Communist Party in the 1920s.At age nine, through great fiscal discord, he attended a church school in 1888, excelled in his surveies, received a scholarship at the T & # 8217 ; bilisi Theological Seminary in 1894, and was exposed to extremist thoughts from his equals about revolution.He was punished on several occasions for reading out books by and became interested in the thoughts of a German political philosopher, Karl Marx.


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