Was Germany To Blame For The Outbreak Of Ww1 Essay

An agreement was reached on the 4th of November that stated France was to have free land in Morocco and German too received sections of the French Congo, as well as two areas connecting to Cameroon's, with the Congo and Ubangi River.

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This soon became a subject of keen debate among historians of all countries.

The Germans 'claimed' that they were protecting their trade and empire however they already had the biggest army and there was no need for them to have the biggest navy.

This naval and arms race lead to even higher tensions between the great powers, and Germany became more c...

Germany was an imperialistic country therefore had lusted after Britain's strong navy and thus leading to copying Britain's production of dreadnoughts.

Germany were encircled by land therefore technically had no need for dreadnoughts where as the British were isolated so they had a reason to build dreadnoughts.


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