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What if students have already practiced a list before it's been assigned? Any activity the student has done on a list during the class period will be visible, regardless of when you make the assignment.Anyone who signs up as an educator can take advantage of these new features and start assigning lists to their students today.

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My Assignments: The Student View We've also made it easier for students to stay on top of their assignments.

When they log in or view a class page on Vocabulary.com, they will be reminded of new and pending assignments.

We've just added a one-click assign-this-list feature to make it even easier for teachers to get students working on vocabulary lists.

For teachers, this new feature should be a game-changer in terms of the way you communicate with students about the lists you want them to work on.

These modified fly-swatters can be a lot of fun to use.

Give your child a copy of their spelling words and you might be surprised to see how enthusiastic they are to start swatting the words in all the books, magazines, posters, and papers in the house.Then click the green "Assign this List" button on the bottom of the page and presto!All the students in the classes you've selected will now see the assignment next time they log on to Use the icons at the right to view your students' progress on that list, edit the assignment, or delete it.To see all the lists you've assigned in one place, go to your class page and open the Assignments tab.And as always, if your school subscribes to our Educator Edition, you'll be able to drill down and get details on all of your students' progress and activity on Can you believe that I didn't realize what a glyph was until last year?The improvement is great for students too — they can now see all the lists they've been assigned, organized in a single location, with instructions and due dates to boot.To see how it works, go to any list in our library and click on the "Assign" tab.You can see how much activity there has been on the assigned list, how much word mastery, which words students' are having the most trouble with, and some helpful "List Stats," such as the number of learnable words on that list, the average difficulty of the words on the list, the number and percentage of questions students are answering correctly, and the number of questions that have been answered overall.Click on the name of any student in the class to see this same information broken down on an individual basis.


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    Vocabulary Homework Menu Directions Choose 2 different activities below each week from this menu to help you study your 10 vocabulary words and definitions. After you have chosen 2 activities, color over the 2 activities you chose. Submit this sheet and your work within your Vocabulary Folder together by Thursday for a grade. For full…

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    A really fun way to review vocabulary at the end of the lesson or the week is to mix up the letters of each word. Write a word or words on the board. The students then race to identify the vocabulary.…

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    Any assignment you're expected to complete after school and bring back to class the next day is called homework. Many students make up excuses for not having their homework done.…

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    Spelling/Vocabulary Homework Options – Fifth Grade Keep this in your 3-ring binder. Name_____ Start date_____ A new list of Spelling/Vocab words is given every two weeks. You are responsible for learning the definition, part of speech, and a synonym for each word. Homework is due Tuesday and Thursday of the first week, and Tuesday of the…

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