Vision Statement For Business Plan

A good vision statement is so important because it will help set the direction of your business.It’ll have a huge influence on your decision making process and the way you allocate resources.

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A good vision statement drives everything about your brand.

When you think about the mission you are on, it can, and should translate into the big vision, or the ‘true north‘ you foresee for your brand.

While the substance of the statement is the priority, a vision statement can often only be as successful as it is pleasing to the ear.

“A nerd for all your needs” has a pleasant ring to it and is memorable.

They should be short and use plain language so that they are memorable and can easily roll off the tongue of every employee.

I can say this is an excellent vision statement because of its catchy ring.

” If your statement doesn’t guide employees in this way, then it’s probably too soft and not clear, specific, relevant, or meaningful.

It’s a great vision statement because it is brief and to the point.

It speaks of the values it possesses as a company and the value it brings to its customers and the environment in general.

It also gives its customers a sense of connection, something all vision statements should have.


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