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Computer games which are played on a computer or on a console system like the Sony Play station or Microsoft Xbox are a favorite with children and teenagers.

Computer games which are played on a computer or on a console system like the Sony Play station or Microsoft Xbox are a favorite with children and teenagers.

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So parents have to keep an eye on what their children are doing and who they are meeting on the net.

Virtual Reality (VR), also known as 'artificial reality', 'artificial worlds', 'virtual worlds', 'virtualities', is a fully-immersive, absorbing, interactive experience of an alternate reality through the use of a computer structure in which a person perceives a synthetic (i.e., simulated) environment by means of special human-computer interface equipment and interacts with simulated objects in that environment as if they were real.

This approach enhances your ability to understand, analyze, create and communicate. For example, today's advanced interfaces let you look and move around inside a virtual model or environment, drive through it, lift items, hear things, feel things, and in other ways experience graphical objects and scenes much as you might experience objects and places in the physical world.

As a result, VR serves as a problem-solving tool that lets us accomplish what was previously impossible.

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