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Debora uses a set of test pieces, some of which are in German, but some in English, with sections copied from known sources, or plagiarised in different ways.Viper is listed as one of the poorest performing systems in terms of detection, Here is the English summary of Viper’s perfomance [original data English, German]. The hissing red snake logo is not very pleasant to look at.We checked the street address – it is the same for both companies – and the telephone numbers, that only differ in the last digit.

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This proves what many have often suspected: some supposedly plagiarism detection services are just harvesters for paper mills.

Even if this were not the case – Viper has the distinction of being the worst system for detecting plagiarism, coming in last with just 24% of the effectiveness points on all test cases.” As Debora points out, the terms and conditions clearly state that essays will be used by All Answers, an essay writing service: ‘By using the Viper software you acknowledge that All Answers Limited will store a copy of all documents processed by the program and documents submitted by other users will be compared to such copies and you agree that any right you may have to remuneration for such use of documents to which you hold the copyright is waived.’ [my empahsis, full terms] So students loose out whichever way they turn here – potentially giving away their work to be sold on to other students and then relying on plagiarism scanning tools instead of learning how to read, process information and demonstrate their understanding of it.

The user can upload their essay document to be checked.

Then a search can be run from all online sources to see whether there is a match.

If you’re a representative of a university you can contact the sales department of Turnitin.

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For students, a good alternative to Turnitin is the Scribbr Plagiarism Checker.Conclusion Viper The Anti-plagiarism Scanner is a helpful service for teachers and students alike to check essays against online sources for duplication or similar content.Scan your documents for #plagiarism whenever you desire.The number of results is shown, with the path to the essay file being checked.The URLs for pages with content partly matches the essay being checked are displayed along with two indicators that suggest what percentage of the content may be a match or a concern.Installation The Viper package needs to be installed and setup.Once installed, a login page appears to access the anti-plagiarism service.The system cannot deal with umlauts and produces a complicated online report and an unintelligible printed one.Writing to the company at the address given when we called on the phone bounces, the address is strangely the same as for a paper mill / essay writing service.Viper is also useful for students who wish to check that they haven't accidentally tripped up a potentially warning because their wording is mistakenly too similar to one or more existing essays.The Viper web site also has the option to have the submitted essay edited, proof-read, or graded.


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