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Many were built from timber and often represent the earliest form of permanent structure in many cultures.

Types include the Neolithic long house of Europe, the stone Medieval Dartmoor longhouse which also housed livestock, and the various types of longhouses built by different cultures among the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

The Vikings settled in: Islands off the coast of Scotland - Shetland, Orkney and The Hebrides Around the north and north west coast of Scotland Parts of Ireland - Dublin is a Viking city The Isle of Man Small parts of Wales Parts of England known as Danelaw Place Names We can tell where the Vikings settled by place names of towns and villages today. Derby - A village where deer are found Place names ending in –thorpe (or -thorp, -throp or –trop) eg.

Viking Words A longhouse or long house is a type of long, proportionately narrow, single-room building built by peoples in various parts of the world including Asia, Europe and North America.

Britain and Europe had plenty of good farmland, so the Vikings tried to claim some of that land for themselves.

Even though the Anglo-Saxons were pretty well established in England, the Vikings would turn up every now and then to raid towns and take a bit of land.

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The sails were brightly coloured in stripes or diamond patterns.

In 793 - about six years after commencing raids - Vikings (probably Norwegians) invaded England.


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