Video Game Addiction Research Paper

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Their needs to be someone who helps you set difficult goal and help you keep them by having them check on your progress routinely.

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There are some people who make a living of playing video games and posting their commentary of them onto You Tube.

Some of my favorite You Tube gaming channels are Pewdiepie and Chaotic Monki, Pewdiepie has 2,944,353 subscribers and is the 11 most subscribed person on You Tube, and is gaining 13,000 per day [4], this is his full time job and he makes his living off of it.

This addiction is newer, because the internet has only been around for 30 years which is far shorter than any other kind of well-known addiction.

Gaming sights can be appealing because they can receive achievements, such as leveling up, defeating monsters, gaining skill levels, they may feel that their achievements in the game are more important than their achievements in real life.

This makes it hard to leave the site because you need to level up to get to your next bonus.

When someone you are close to, or even if you are addicted to the internet can make your life hard to live.Internet companies use this fact to exploit their customers, so that they can make more profit [6].Thus resulting I games on Facebook such as Farmville, Cafe World, Words with Friends, etc., and advertisements on gaming sites personalized to you.Internet addiction is something that must be prevented from a young age and if not then it should be controlled with certain methods.Most of the things that we do on the internet, such as gaming, release dopamine into our brains pleasure center, thus making obsessive pleasure seeking behaviors.Chaotic Monki has 292,307 subscribers and is gaining around 2,000 per day [5] and posting You Tube videos is also his full time job.Even though some people can manage playing video games into a job, means that video games aren’t all that bad they serve a purpose but we A good way to get over this addiction is to do something that is productive, for example if you are addicted to video games; it is not very hard to find out how to make them.Another reason why some people like the internet more than real life because it is easier for them to make friends, it is risk free and you don’t have to think about the real person but only of their avatar, profile picture.This could be a good thing, making it easier for shy people to get used to talking to people; so that when they meet real people they will know how to handle the situation.Now imagine this happening to you every single day. DThis is a very recent problem and it hasn’t been listed in the DSM, but they plan to put it in the newest edition.Anyone can have internet addiction, but people who are experiencing loneliness, depression; A. If someone experiences internet addiction they should seek for help from other people.


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