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Are the two values (Individual Liberty and General Utility) compatible? Are Mill's arguments for individual liberty consistent with his utilitarianism?Indeed, what are the values comprising utility for Mill? I don't know how you go about tasks like this, but if it were me I would skim on a first reading, to get a sense of the structure of the document, the location of the arguments, the general tenor of the work, etcetera.

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And if you are motivated to find out more, try Chapter 3, sections 27-30.

Rawls thinks he has a series of arguments against utilitarianism.

Try to get a sense of which problems for utilitarianism disappear after this switch, and which remain. Week by week we will expect everyone to be familiar with the appropriate parts of the text, and the appropriate chapters of our recommended secondary source, Crisp. The ghouls amongst you may wish a glimpse of Bentham's mummy at University College, London, where under the terms of his will the mummy must attend every meeting of the Governing Body. If they were utilitarians, they would not keep themselves so tightly closed, but instead would flick open their shells as soon as they detected your presence, and hurl themselves in joyful sacrifice down your throat, in the service of the greater good.

So, for instance, this week you will re-read, and revise your understanding of Mill's first two chapters, and chapters 2 and 3 from the Crisp. This week is, of course, devoted to understanding the Act-versus-Rule debate. We aim to cover as much as possible, so the more you have read from the main reading list below, the more fruitful class will be. To answer the second question, you will need to know your text rather well, because the textual evidence either way is scattered throughout the work. Richard Hare is another distinguished ex-White's Professor, who espouses a version of Rule-Utilitarianism. And how do these new cases compare with the three from last week?

You can access the appropriate elements of the John Stuart Mill opus online here.

Indeed, while you are there, you can check out Bentham as well.

It would do you no harm at all to read his need something like Adobe Acrobat Reader to download it) on Weblearn.

Our list of topics will be somewhat different from theirs, and our recommended reading will differ too. Anyone who has not absorbed that material by the start of term will find that (i) there is no time to catch up on it, and that therefore (ii) classes and tutorials will not be as helpful as they should be. It will do you no harm at all to see a modern utilitarian operating across a range of issues. You will be taught in a mixture of classes and tutorials, and we shall cover four broad topics.

Read chapters 1-3 for sure, and also chapter 5 if you have time. The book which made it possible to be a liberal in the USA without being gunned down on the sidewalk.

Jack Rawls is loved and respected by almost all who knew him, and it will do you no harm at all to make his acquaintance.


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