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Where so, the stratigraphic geometry exerts a profound influence on groundwater flow patterns.For example, in a karstified limestone aquifer overlying a marly aquiclude, flow would typically be concentrated just above the interface, its direction corresponding to that of the maximum dip, i.e.In tectonically and topographically complex sedimentary settings like the European Alps, 3D models must be generally detailed, high-resolution, and accurate in order to be suitable for their intended application(s).

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The geology was satisfactorily reproduced; modelled interfaces correspond well with the input data, and the estimated volumes seem plausible.

Overall, 18 formations, including their associated secondary folds and selected faults, are represented at 10 m resolution.

However, these rocks are not uniform in their chemico-mineralogical composition, and hence their degree of karstification.

Moreover, they are commonly interspersed with lower permeability layers, such as marls and shales.

Here, we present a dataset corresponding to a renowned tectonic entity in the Swiss Alps - the Nappe de Morcles - that does achieve these criteria.

Locations of lithological interfaces and formation orientations were first extracted from existing sources.

The entire sequences have been folded, fractured, and faulted into complex geometrical arrangements by tectonic forces.

Since well-karstified limestones are several orders of magnitude more permeable than marls and shales, the contrasts in hydraulic conductivity within these sequences can be considerable.

flow would be broadly parallel to the strata (and so highly anisotropic).

It follows that in folded settings, anticlines – assuming normal orientation – typically act as regional groundwater divides, with synclines conversely representing locations of accumulation; on one hand they may act as preferential pathway permitting flow across the strata, including enabling formations that would otherwise be considered aquicludes to be bypassed, but on the other, their offsets can disconnect aquifers.


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