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The United States became an imperialist nation at the end of the 19th century because Americans wanted to expand over seas with their belief in manifest destiny.The three factors that started American imperialism were political and military competition including the creation of a strong naval force, economic competition among industrial nations and a belief in the racial and cultural superiority of people of Anglo-Saxon decent.This was the Idea that God had destined the expansion the Unites States as well as the spread of democracy in the nation and outside the borders.

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Starting from the late 1800s to the early 1900s, the US was involved in wars outside its territories and boarders.

These series of wars and military interventions led to the gaining of control of some new territories. Besides, the-the United States was increasingly gaining control, both economically and politically in some of the other countries especially Cuba.

However, it came with a cost since it made a lot of enemies in the process of the wars and military interventions.

The Americans were strong believers and supporters of Manifest Destiny Idea.

The United States gained colonies on both sides of the Pacific including Hawaii.

On August 12, 1898 Congress took control and proclaimed Hawaii American territory, and issued the open door policy, which were messages that president John Hay sent to Germany, France, Russia, Britain, Italy and Japan asking the countries not to interfere with the United States trading rights in China.

Since the United States was making new allies internationally, through assisting in military interventions, they were largely in control.

Also, their penetration and expansion into international markets was vital in making it a World Power.

During this era of American Imperialism, there were some factors that drove the ideas especially the Social Darwinism and also Manifest Destiny.

During this time, the United States with the great control as well as influence outside its territories became a super power.


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