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By offering a new place for local vendors to sell their product, as well as a restaurant for individuals to appreciate this local food, the building will engage the community and act as platform to facilitate healthy lifestyle choices.Revitalizing this building will also add a meaningful destination to Old Town, Lansing, and will furthermore foster the growth of the surrounding rural and urban areas.The historic building, built in 1917, is in major need of renovation.

This board (1 of 3) by Brittany Bowers features Programming (preliminary work), including a project statement, a mission statement, project goals, research methods, images of inspiration, and photos of the current condition of the building.

This board (2 of 3) by Brittany Bowers features the market on the first level, including a concept statement, rendered floor plan and key, furniture selections, two rendered elevations and two rendered perspective views.

Hostile architecture is a form of urban design that aims to prevent people from lingering in public spaces.

The anti-homeless spikes here, for example, were installed to deter beggars and those sleeping rough.

Between the use of advanced technology for construction and the desire to develop a holistic design approach to architecture, we engage with different areas of research that include robotic manufacturing, material research and performance-based design.

The programme seeks to develop technological and architectural solutions in collaboration with Industry partners to answer the current needs and challenges of our habitat.This historic Old Town building will serve as a place for individuals to purchase locally sourced foods, as well as enjoy a restaurant serving organic and honest meals.The new Temple building design will provide residents with the opportunity to indulge in a healthy lifestyle, while stimulating and engaging the surrounding community.The concept for this project draws inspiration from the juxtaposition between urban and rural life.The newly renovated Temple Building will serve as a platform for local residents to enjoy the convenience of urban Lansing, while also experiencing the healthful qualities of the surrounding rural areas.This men's room is illuminated with ultraviolet light, which makes it impossible for heroin addicts to find a vein.However, the uncomfortable lighting doesn't only deter drug addicts and dealers -- it also creates an unpleasant atmosphere for other visitors.In order to employ a sustainable approach to this renovation, existing infrastructure and original materials will be reused and highlighted in the future design.This will promote the historic significance of the building and help local residents to gain a new appreciation for historic Old Town.Perhaps the antithesis of hostile architecture, this solar-powered phone charging bench was created by US firm Soofa.Launched in Boston in 2014, Soofa benches are now found in more than 100 cities.


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