University Thesis Proposal

University Thesis Proposal-29
All original materials should be of high quality, with sharp and clear images. The number and title appear at the top of the table or figure.They must conform to the margin requirements of the thesis or practicum.Each student must familiarize themselves with FGS and departmental regulations regarding the thesis/practicum.

The author’s name should be in full, identical to the name under which they are registered and be consistent on all other documents.

The title page should contain the following information: the title of the thesis or practicum, the name of the University, the degree for which the thesis or practicum is submitted, the name of the unit, the full name of the author, and the copyright notation ©.

The original letter of the approval from the REB should be kept by the student.

For further information on ethics refer to: The title must be a meaningful description of the content of the research.

This universal copyright symbol must be included on the title page.

View sample The abstract is expected to provide a concise account of the thesis or practicum.The weight of work required for the practicum is equal to that required for the Master’s thesis.In general, the practicum takes the form of an exercise in the practical application of knowledge and skills.The entire thesis or practicum must be in the same text font, style, and size.Font size should be no less than 12 pt Times Roman. Characters not available with standard software, such as mathematical equations or complex tabular matter may be neatly executed by hand with black India ink and scanned into document.The page may make reference to the student’s advisor and advisory committee members and other people who have provided invaluable assistance to the student throughout their thesis/practicum development.Financial assistance received to conduct the research should be included here.It is imperative that the specified margins be observed throughout the thesis or practicum.Leave at least a one inch (1.0”) margin from the top, bottom, left, and right hand edges of the page.The list includes the number of each figure, their title, and their page number.Double space all text material; footnotes and long quotations may be single spaced.


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