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Finally, lots of wildlife-attracting garden plants. Most visitors are welcome, but the moles and badger do make a mess.Q Should we avoid using any insecticides in our gardens these days?That was real gardening, but with advancing years the gardens have got bigger and my hands-on role has got smaller.

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But they say it has not been subjected to their astronomically expensive tests, so it has to go. Q What sort of fertilisers should we use on our gardens these days?

A I stick to good old Growmore and also Fish, Blood and Bone – the best of the organics.

Q Do you still use a water sprinkler to keep your lawn green all year round? A I’m not a fan of wild flower meadows: the cornfield annuals are soon overrun by the coarse grasses.

A wild flower patch is better – native perennials set closely together in a bed or border.

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K., Austria, Benelux Countries, France, Germany and Switzerland.It may be beautiful, but the element which gives it vitality is missing.For me the pheasants strutting on the lawns and the tits building their nests are as much a part of my garden as the trees, shrubs and flowers.Q The Green Garden Expert book says we should welcome wildlife into our gardens – why?A A garden without wildlife in summer is like a room without people.The unassuming botanist and soil expert has sold 51 million books, making them the best-selling gardening books in the world.The first – Be Your Own Gardening Expert – came out in 1958, in the era of pristine manicured lawns and prim floral borders.A Most of the recommendations for pest control in my books these days state ''live with it’’, ''pick off affected leaves’’, and the like.Unfortunately, the range of organic sprays continues to decline. They agree that it is a perfectly safe natural insecticide – for 105 years there has been no harm to people, plants or animals.I would use products and techniques that I felt would not harm the plants, people or the environment.There were many chemicals I would not use, but also I would not use sewage sludge from an unknown source nor stand close to a bonfire burning greenstuff.


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