Treaty Of Versailles Fair Essay

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They caused many men to become hurt, and even be killed by their own stupidity.

Using the Schliffen Plan might of been good on their part,but in reality that was not a very good move for them. Europe was destroyed and that should all be put on Germany's shoulders for that because Europe did not deserve anything of what happened to them.

The Treaty of Versailles Yes, I think that the Treaty of Versailles was very fair to Germany.

I think this because Germany deserved something bad in return for even starting the war.

That is why I agree with the terms of not being able to have an air force in the air because if you did then you would easily be able to take out the enemy, and who would not do that?

Anybody would most likely because it is most likely easier to kill more people with a plane then it is to shoot somebody.I'll let you work on the first paragraph on your own ...look up the Paris Peace Conference, which is what led to the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.Neither of these should be viewed as particularly harsh, it was pretty much standard of the time.Disarming Germany and preventing military presence in the Rhineland was maybe humiliating and not very well thought out, with 20/20 hindsight, but there were strong reasons for it.In my opinion the Treaty of Versailles was essentially unjust and unfair.The treaty placed all blame for the cause of the Great War (World War I) on Germany as the leader of the Central Powers.The treaty of Versailles was, however, reasonably fair, given what was the norm of that time.They annexed areas which they had lost in the last war, demanded reparations for damages they had suffered, which were not something Germany could not pay (France paid similar damages after the last war they had lost, even though the fighting went on on French and not German soil so there was less objective reason for damages).In reality, as detailed by historian Barbara Tuchman in her Pulitzer Prize winning book, (1962), all the involved nations of Europe contributed to process of creating the war.The Treaty of Versailles also was not a good peace treaty for the future, because the harsh terms put Germany in a situation that allowed the rise of Hitler and the Nazis, leading to World War II.


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