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Getting out of the house, walking about, or even hiking is often a side-effect of getting into photography.If you are into landscapes then you have to go to where the landscape scenes are, and that often means some form of exercise.

Cultural festivals, parades, sports events, a wander along the beach, exploring parts of your city previously undiscovered, architectural details on buildings, intricate details of flowers, people watching, difficulties of photographing wildlife, meeting people who have different interests and hobbies – just for a few ideas.

Most people are willing to share their passion with you if you take some time to talk to them.

People start doing photography (versus taking snaps or selfies) for many reasons.

It might be a major life event coming up – new baby, wedding, special birthday – or that overseas trip saved up for over many years.

Given that photography has so many elements, the science of light, the technology of the camera and the creative artistic side, there is a lot to learn.

So whatever your age, now is the perfect time to start learning photography.

That feeling when you finally get the awesome sunrise photo or the perfect candid, maybe the aurora or a meteor shower, or whatever your passion is, that feeling when you finally get the image, makes it all worthwhile.

Being creative is something we don’t tend to allow ourselves to do as adults.

By being able to capture a special moment in time, you carry the memory of that event forward with you, allowing you to share it and remember it with those that were there.

Those memories become part of your history, perhaps family lore, not just stories passed down through the generations – but images as well.


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