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It is reported that eco-driving techniques are able to improve fuel consumption efficiency with up to 30% [8], by providing drivers with a variety of advice and feedback on eco-driving style on board as well as through public education.

The advice and feedback include vehicle maintenance, operational decision, such as driving speed, and the use of cruise control, and tactical decisions, such as the route selection and the selection of the road type [9].

The eco-routing is a vehicle navigation strategy and was initially proposed.

They developed an eco-routing based navigation system to instruct commuters to optimize their route selection, which were applied to 109 real journeys.

Eco-driving system Eco-driving is an approach that incorporates intelligent technologies in driving to minimize fuel consumption, travel costs, greenhouse gas emissions, and other air pollutant emissions, vehicle miles traveled (VMT), vehicle and road degradation, and incident related costs, such as injuries, fatalities and insurance [6].

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Eventually, the eco-driving is dedicated to achieve economical, ecological, as well as safe driving [7].Many studies demonstrated that the performance of the eco-signal system is promising.For example, it was found that traffic signal synchronization could help drivers avoid a stop-and-go activity, thereby reducing waiting time by approximately 21%.Eco-signal system Eco-signal is a technique that optimizes traffic signal control strategies to minimize fuel consumption and vehicle emissions as well as improve the operational efficiency and safety at intersections [11].Specific impacts of the eco-signal on drivers’ driving behaviors are anticipated by microscopic traffic eco-signal models, which can simulate individual vehicle’s driving patterns as well as interactions among vehicles in a very detailed manner.Researchers proposed an eco-routing model to approximate the impacts of major acceleration events associated lane changes and intersection idling.Results show that vehicle specification, especially weight and engine displacement, may affect the fuel consumption from eco-routing.An optimal eco-driving pattern is recorded and recommended to drivers.The eco-signal models are often applied to signalized intersections, signal priority for freight and transit, connected eco-driving and wireless inductive/resonance charging.Eco-routing system Conventional routing choice models are mostly developed to shorten the travel time, such as Waze application [12], Google map [13] and GPS navigator [13].In recent years, eco-routing is derived from the routing choice models to minimize total operating costs, including vehicle emissions, fuel consumption and travel time, for the same origin and destination.


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