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Let’s have a closer look at the argumentative essay.

Here is a simple synthesis essay topics list you can use to understand what aspects grab your reader's’ attention the most before deciding what sources can help you come up with your idea.

The two main types of the synthesis essay are the explanatory and argumentative essays.

The sources shouldn’t necessarily contain the main idea you want to explore in your essay; you are to use them to make your point more well-grounded and credible for the target audience.

In fact, sources used for writing the synthesis essay should be perceived as building blocks using which you build your unique idea.

The list below contains several explanatory synthesis essay topics that might be useful for those dealing with this type of assignment.

So, there you have it — a bunch of useful tips that will come in real handy when picking a topic or preparing for writing a synthesis essay.

Depending on the synthesis assignment, you may be asked to argue, explain, compare or contrast some points contained therein.

When writing such an essay, you can use information from any sources you will find helpful, such as other academic papers, newspaper articles, reports and even non-written sources, such as lectures, cartoons, and graphic stories.

After all, taking part in the debate is what the argumentative essay is all about. We recommend you look through the below synthesis essay topics, which may help you find the one you would like to study in detail.

Now, let’s talk about the explanatory synthesis essay.


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