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The online certificate in creative writing is a short-term program designed to pinpoint a subdiscipline within creative writing or provide students with foundational knowledge in the field of study.

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Online classes provide students with access to quality curriculum, taught by subject matter experts at accredited institutions.

While studying online, you may elect to enroll in one of the following creative writing programs which will determine how long it takes you to earn a degree in creative writing.

These programs can range from the associate level to high level graduate degrees, with higher level degrees often exploring theoretical and educational aspects of writing, and allowing for employment in colleges and universities.

Newer programs may also focus on a wider area of writing, including television and screenwriting.

Publishing opportunities for writers today has never been better.

Mediums and applications that support the writing community are abound to provide examples of quality work and inspiration.Success in writing may not be immediate as it is a field that requires experience and acknowledgement in order to be successful, and as such many individuals turn to related occupations that utilize the skills earned through creative writing, such as technical writing, advertising, and teaching positions.By earning a degree in creative writing, students can set themselves up to work in a number of capacities across various industries.Associate degrees in creative writing are 2-year programs that combine general education courses with writing curriculum.Degrees at this level are most frequently conferred as an Associate of Arts (AA) as the curriculum is infused with more liberal arts than science.A number of regionally or nationally accredited colleges or universities offer creative writing degree programs and creative writing certificates.The most important thing to keep in mind is to find the best degree program for you.Remember to stay organized, focus on what is important to you, and seek to learn valuable skills transferrable to the workplace during your course of study.Though any individual may endeavor to pursue creative writing, there is a variety of programs that encourage and educate one in the methods and processes involved in creative writing.Trade associations in writing may be worth the investment of time and money for those serious about creative writing.Lancaster University’s rise up the Creative Writing table has culminated with a place at the very top.


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